Flash Drives

You can order a customized, non-working, flash drive sample at 50% off the 1 unit price. If you order a sample, the drive WILL NOT work when plugged into a computer. To buy flash drive samples, visit: https://www.photoflashdrive.com/product-category/studio-sample-products/.


We also offer packaging samples! Any packaging can be purchased as a sample for 50% off the regular price using code SAMPLE50 at checkout. This offer is good for up to 5 packaging products per order. You'll need to place a separate order for packaging samples using this code as we will be print or engrave a small 'Sample' message on each product in the order.

PlayBook (New!)

PlayBook can now be ordered as a studio sample at 50% off. The PlayBook is fully functional and fully customizable (front and back). We will simply print a small 'Studio Sample' message on the back. To buy PlayBook studio samples, visit: https://www.photoflashdrive.com/product/playbook-video-brochure-studio-sample/.

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